University of the Free State Password Wizzard

This will guide you through the process of creating your new password.

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Please Note: If you have already registered and received a SMS you only need to complete the Password Self-Service step.

First Years 2017

Senior Students

Student Services Center

Password Assistance @ (051) 401-2442

Password Selfservice Portal

Please open the Password Selfservice Portal which is located at

In the username field enter your student number.

In the password field, enter the temporary password that

you recieved in the SMS. eg: !bJ8Gv$7

Click the login button

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Challenge Response Questions

The Challenge Response System is a system put in place to help you change your password in the future.

This allows you to login to the Password Selfservice System, even if you can't remember your password.

Selfservice should have presented you with this Dialog:

Click Yes

You will now be asked a series of security questions.

The answers will be required if you want to reset your password in the future.

After answering all the questions, you'll be presented with the following Dialog:

Click Ok

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A webDesktop should be loaded, which means you have successfully logged in.

Note that there are Icons which you can click. These allow you to change your password, or even the answers to the security questions.

Click on the Change Password Icon

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Change Password

Using this dialog you can change your password.

Selfservice would have loaded the following Dialog:

Click Yes

The following Dialog Box will be loaded:

You can now enter your own password which you will use to access your email, logon to the internet on campus and even your registration on PeopleSoft.

Due to the sensitive nature of your data, the password require some complexity.

Please consult the password policy on the right for password requirements.

If a password is entered that does not meet the requirements, the system will inform you with the following dialog:

If your password does meet the requirements, you will receive the following dialog, informing you that you have successfully changed your password.

Click Ok

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You can now logout of the selfservice.

Just click Start

A menu will popup. Just click logout

Click Next below to continue...


You can now use some of the services that the university offers.

To enroll please goto

After registration an e-mail account will be availiable at

In the future to change your UFS password, please visit

Please note: Some SMS's contain the character Ü in passwords. Please replace the character Ü with the character ^ when logging in. This is a incompatibility with some cellular phones.

Passwords must consist of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 32 characters, with at least one capital letter, one small letter, a numeral and a special character.

The following special characters may be used: 

! # $ % ^ * ( ) { } ? < > ~

Your password will expire every 90 days, then you will have the oppurtunity to renew it again.  Please note that, when you renew a password, you may not use the same password 12 times consecutively. 

Examples of strong passwords




3Xample! (Example – replaced E by 3, made X a capital letter and added an exclamation mark)

The above-mentioned examples may not be used – the system will not allow you to use them anyway.

Ideas for creating a strong password that can still be easily remembered

Replace 1 by !

Replace I (Capital i) by !

Replace e by 3

Replace a by 4

Replace o by 0 (the numeral)

Replace s by $

Examples of weak passwords that must be avoided

Avoid the use of your own personal information, as well as the personal information of your spouse, children and pets. Personal information includes: name, surname, maiden name, birthday, e-mail address and telephone numbers. Avoid the usage of the @ character in passwords as it might cause problems with systems like Google Apps.

Password Assistance @ (051) 401-2442